Real-time data on how your building uses energy

So you can pinpoint the best options to reduce consumption and improve efficiency – every day.

Reduce energy use

Analytics will save you 5%-35% on your utility bill. How much depends on how your building compares with others like it. We’ll benchmark it for you based on years of data, so you’ll know what percentage you can expect to save. 

Understand how much energy each piece of equipment uses

So you can accurately plan when you’ll need to replace equipment. See how efficient each piece of equipment is year over year. If you know how  quickly each piece of equipment degrades, you can accurately predict and plan when it needs to be replaced.

Monitor energy in real-time

When you know how your building uses energy, you know where the drains are, and where the best opportunities for improvement are. Whether it’s in overused HVAC or lights left on, you’ll be able to pinpoint what’s causing a spike in energy use and demand.

Confidently make big budget decisions

Usually, people wait for something to break before they fix it. But imagine if you knew five years in advance and start budgeting for it now. That’s the level of insight you get  with analytics. 

Plus, meet the regulations to future-proof your facility…

Meet the new standards in sustainability

Updating your building automation system now can help you keep up with the latest energy regulations and standards and avoid any potential fines, penalties, or legal issues for the organization.

Meet stakeholders sustainability needs

To meet and exceed sustainability standards means your facility is ready for the future, not being held back by outdated technologies.

Improve your ESG rating

The higher the rating, the lower risk for your organization. Less risk exposure and active risk mitigation are more attractive to risk-averse investors.

Long-term financial gain

Turn fixed costs into expenses of the past. Reinvest energy savings back into your company to improve operational efficiency. The opportunity cost of not prioritizing updated lighting today means a less profitable company tomorrow.

What’s it like to work with us?

Contractors have a bad rap.

So we don’t operate like one.

From audit through implementation, we approach every project as partners.

Communication is kind of our thing

Simple as it sounds: we answer the phone. We call people back. We deal with the little details quickly and over-communicate every step of the way.

Work with consultants, not salesman

Our team of energy advisors bring years of experience to the table. Which means we won’t try to sell you on solutions you don’t need. Instead, we’ll work with you to find the areas that will bring the biggest results based on your facility’s needs.

Around your schedule, not the other way around

Every building operates on a different schedule. Which is why we operate around yours. Whether that means starting early, starting late, or starting on Saturday, we’ll work with you to make the experience as seamless as possible.

Frequently asked questions

What are the upfront costs of installation, and what is the expected return on investment?

Upfront costs can vary depending on the system and the size of the facility, but the expected return on investment is often significant due to energy savings and improved efficiency.

What kind of monitoring and reporting features are included?

Monitoring and reporting features may include:

  • Real-time monitoring of energy consumption and equipment performance.
  • Historical data analysis and reporting for identifying trends and patterns in energy use and equipment performance.
  • Automated alerts for equipment failures, maintenance needs, and abnormal energy consumption.
  • Remote access to system controls and data, allowing facility managers to make adjustments and troubleshoot issues from anywhere.
  • User-friendly dashboards and interfaces for easy visualization and analysis of system data.
  • Energy benchmarking and performance tracking against industry standards and goals.
  • Integration with other building systems, such as lighting and security, for comprehensive facility management.
  • Customizable reports and analytics for specific user needs and goals.
  • Options for setting performance targets and tracking progress towards sustainability goals.
  • Continuous optimization of system settings and performance through machine learning and artificial intelligence.


What kind of training will my staff need to operate and maintain the building automation system?

Typically, we provide at a minimum one training session for approximately 4 hours for your team, sometimes multiple sessions when needed. We also remain available for phone calls and further training for a minimum of one year post project and offer this service for subsequent years if and when needed. 

Will I be able to integrate it with my existing systems and infrastructure?

Yes. We’ll ensure that any system upgrades are compatible with your existing infrastructure. 

Smart buildings. Smarter savings.

Speak with an Energy Advisor. Not a salesman. You’ll know in 15 minutes if energy upgrades make sense for your facility.