CHS – Fort Wayne Medical Center

How LED lighting reduced CHS - Fort Wayne, IN energy costs by 64%


CHS committed to reducing energy consumption by 1.5% annually in their 2021 Sustainability Report. LED lights uses up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs, leading to an inefficient use of resources, unpredictable utility budgets, and barriers to execute sustainability initiatives.


After performing an in-depth audit, LED lighting was the obvious clean energy solution to optimize returns. The stability of light output creates a comfortable and consistent environment for patients and employees. A win-win solution that cuts energy usage by 64% and has a positive impact on people, planet, and profits.


  • Improve ESG rating. Immediately mitigate ESG-related risk and increase transparency through ESG reporting to investors.
  • Exceed sustainability initiatives. Annual goal to reduce energy usage by 1.5% was met and exceeded with LED lighting upgrade.
  • Reinvest in stakeholders. By reducing costly utility bills, CHS was able to invest in even better care for its patients, employees, and local community.