CHS – Huntsville Medical Center

How LED lighting reduced CHS - Huntsville, AL energy costs by 74%


CHS committed to reducing energy consumption by 1.5% annually in their 2021 Sustainability Report, leading the organization to research energy efficiency options, and experts. A low LED lighting conversion rate caused CHS, Huntsville, AL to struggle predicting and maintaining their utility budget.


To combat rising energy costs and get their budget under control, PCE engineered exterior LED lighting solutions for CHS’s Huntsville location. This custom, clean energy solution reduces energy costs and consumption by 74%. These savings have been consistent each year post-project install – freeing up resources to provide the best care for their patients.


  • Improve ESG rating. Immediately mitigate ESG-related risk and increase transparency through ESG reporting to investors.
  • Exceed sustainability initiatives. Annual goal to reduce energy usage by 1.5% was met and exceeded with LED lighting upgrade.
  • Reinvest in stakeholders. By reducing costly utility bills, CHS was able to invest in even better care for its patients, employees, and local community.