Father Ryan High School

How Father Ryan High School will save $1.5 million in utility spend by 2028


Father Ryan struggled with high utility costs that were hindering opportunities for growth. Our team performed an on-site audit and energy bill analysis to find out exactly where the savings were. Father Ryan investing back into their business created value and opportunities through energy efficiency upgrades.


Implementing energy management software, LED lighting and clean HVAC technology were the upgrades Father Ryan made to achieve a 1.6 year ROI. Custom financing options made operational and energy efficiency possible for Father Ryan to save $13,000 a month. Giving them the freedom and flexibility to operate headache and hands-free.


  • In-house control. Immediately mitigated risks by controlling company-wide energy costs and consumption.
  • Better asset management. Improve asset management and resource allocation to increase cash flow year-over-year.
  • Reinvest in YOU. By reducing costly utility bills, Father Ryan was able to better support their students, educators, and community.