Hill Meade Apartments

How Hill Meade Apartments improved renter turnover through energy upgrades.


Hill Meade Apartments struggled for a long time with high renter turnover every 6-12 months across their 288-unit complex. High utility bills over $600 a month drove renters away – leaving the maintenance staff overworked and far over budget.


Implementing clean HVAC equipment allowed Hill Meade to create a comfortable, cost-effective environment for their renters. Saving renters on average 31% in monthly utility costs and effectively reducing turnover for upgraded units. This project continues to provide Hill Meade shareholders the long-term benefits by investing in energy efficiency.


  • Improve operational efficiency. Immediately reduce maintenance staff bottlenecks and utilize budget more effectively.
  • Better asset management. Improve asset management and allocation to increase renter retention and adjust monthly rent accordingly.
  • Reinvest in YOU. By reducing costly utility bills, Hill Meade is able to provide comfortable, cost-effective homes for its renters long-term.