NorthWest Health

How NorthWest Health is saving 60% every year from LED lighting upgrades


NorthWest Health – Porter was overspending on its utilities and maintenance costs year-over-year. These unnecessary expenses were caused by outdated and inefficient equipment in dire need of upgrading. Simple clean energy technology helped mitigate excess spending and improve operations facility-wide.


After conducting an onsite audit, interior and exterior LED lighting upgrades were the solution that provided NorthWest Health the greatest ROl. Investing in clean technology has allowed NorthWest Health to save 60% immediately on its utility bills. This project has freed up the necessary resources to provide excellent care to their patients and staff.


  • Improve ESG rating: Immediately mitigate ESG-related risks and increase transparency to investors and key stakeholders
  • Better asset management: Improve asset management and resource allocation to increase cash flow year-over-year
  • Reinvest in stakeholders: By reducing costly utility bills, NorthWest Health was able to invest in even better care for its patients, employees, and local community.