Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian

How Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian is saving 60% every year with clean energy upgrades


Sequoyah Hills struggled with high utility costs that were straining its budget and staff. Outdated equipment and lack of technology was the root cause of its excess spending year-over-year. Increasing energy efficiency directly improved it’s operational efficiency, providing a lasting positive impact on Sequoyah Hills’ facility


State-of-the-art building controls and analytics, LED lighting upgrades, and a full HVAC redesign reduced annual energy usage by 60%. These savings have given Sequoyah Hills the financial freedom to operate headache, and hands, free. PCE’s clean energy solutions prioritized the client’s needs to achieve optimal energy efficiency levels, long-term.


  • In-house control: Immediately mitigated risks by controlling company-wide energy costs and consumption
  • Better asset management: Improve asset management and resource allocation to increase cash flow year-over-year
  • Reinvest in YOU: By reducing costly utility bills, Sequoyah Hills was able to better support their local community.