United Methodist Publishing House

Saves $140,000 year-over-year with energy efficiency


UM Publishing’s energy use index (EUI) was double their region’s average. Like many buildings, the space had a combination of new and old HVAC infrastructure and software installed by multiple providers. By focusing on lowering energy costs, UM Publishing could save more each month and reinvest those dollars in its business.


After an in-depth audit of UM Publishing’s infrastructure, we laid out a proposal to fix the problems causing the spike in EUI. PCE converted all the facility’s lights to LED, unified their HVAC equipment onto a single platform, and installed software to track energy usage in real-time. This allowed UM Publishing to proactively identify and correct problems, and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.


  • Instant savings on their utility bills. Once completed, the upgrades gave UM Publishing an instant reduction on their monthly bills.
  • More time spent on the things that matter. Team members spent less time replacing lamps and ballasts and more time focusing on higher-priority projects.
  • Reinvest in their business. By reducing their costly utility bills, UM Publishing was able to reinvest in the growth of their business.