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Reduce your building’s energy use. So you can meet your ESG and sustainability goals. Monitor your savings. And measure your long-term impact.

Saving energy & utility costs for our clients

The quickest way to
create measurable impact

Starts with optimizing your infrastructure. Because the best way to keep up with rising costs – and competing facilities – is to invest in the infrastructure that will create the largest energy reductions in the shortest amount of time.

Take control of your energy
costs with clean technology

We’ll help you find the best opportunities to reduce energy use in your facilities. Calculate accurate estimates and ROI. And go to work to make sure you see the savings.

So you can:

Save more each month

Spend less time on labor and maintenance

Meet your ESG goals

Reduce overall energy use

Stay a step ahead of rising costs and regulations

With custom projects designed for your building and budget. We’ll analyze your building to find the best step to quickly and cost-effectively reduce energy use.


Building Controls

Easily control your energy consumption.


LED Lighting

Save 65-70% of what you pay for lighting on your utility bill – every month.


Building Analytics

Pre-diagnose maintenance issues before they become a problem.


HVAC Redesign

New system based on energy efficiency, better comfort, and better control.

Measurable Impact. Maximum ROI.

Energy savings that make too much sense to not take seriously.

“We were evaluating doing a bunch of different projects, but once I evaluated the project and loans and ROI, it just made too much sense.”
Joey Macourek, Loftis Steel

“PCE did an excellent job of projecting the cost of the project and the savings the project would generate. Which, in turn, gave us confidence that the project would cost us no additional money. What it would do was change the cost of our electricity in such a way that the savings would more than cover the cost of the project.”
Clark Byram, First Baptist Church

Our utility bills went down 30% right off the bat, and with COVID more like 60%.”
Robert Sipp, United Methodist Publishing

United methodist publishing

Saves $130,000 year over year

CHS - Fort Wayne

Reduced energy consumption and costs by 64%

Father Ryan High School

Will save $1.5 Million in utility spend by 2028

CHS Knoxville

Reduced energy costs by 59%

Hill meade apartments

Improved renter turnover through energy updates

See how PCE can help you save more each month

Book an intro call with one of our experts to get started. You’ll know in 15 minutes if energy upgrades make sense for your facility.